Children’s mental health a cause for concern in report on California youth policies

“The 2020 California Children’s Report Card,” published by the Oakland-based advocacy organization Children Now, gives California an overall grade of “C-” for its programs that provide health, education and family services, as well as child welfare and adolescent services for young people from birth to age 26. The report is Children Now’s 31st annual look at state services affecting children.

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Easing Your Child into a New School

By Mary Haas, MSW – July 23, 2019 Change is hard for most of us. We typically don’t welcome change fearlessly with arms wide open. Transitions are sometimes our greatest fear and can provoke anxiety, even in adults. When faced with…

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Helping Children Through Grief

By Niki Walls, LSW – June 25, 2019 Death is a part of life, and grief comes along with it. Helping a child grieve and understand death can be very difficult. Psychiatrist Gail Saltz explains, “Children understand that death is bad,…

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